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4.3 ( 6203 ratings )
Économie et entreprise Utilitaires
Développeur Paul Hudson
0.99 USD

This app is the perfect companion for all web server sysadmins, offering the fastest and easiest way to test requests on your server.

- Create your own GET, POST and PUT requests, customise the data and HTTP headers you want to send, choose the user agent, and send it off.

- View the results as plain text or HTML, or have it instantly parsed as JSON.

- Supports HTTP authentication, time out and custom content types.

- Once youve crafted your ideal requests, save them for later and re-run them at a touch of a button.

- One-button refresh for all your saved requests, with easy HTTP status code overview - check a dozen servers in seconds.

- Perfect for testing servers or to power your home automation.

- Programmed by the author of PHP in a Nutshell, Fedora Unleashed and Ubuntu Unleashed - I designed this based on real-world needs of sysadmins.

- Universal binary - works on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!