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4.3 ( 6203 ratings )
Zakelijk Diensten
Developer: Paul Hudson
0.99 USD

This app is the perfect companion for all web server sysadmins, offering the fastest and easiest way to test requests on your server.

- Create your own GET, POST and PUT requests, customise the data and HTTP headers you want to send, choose the user agent, and send it off.

- View the results as plain text or HTML, or have it instantly parsed as JSON.

- Supports HTTP authentication, time out and custom content types.

- Once youve crafted your ideal requests, save them for later and re-run them at a touch of a button.

- One-button refresh for all your saved requests, with easy HTTP status code overview - check a dozen servers in seconds.

- Perfect for testing servers or to power your home automation.

- Programmed by the author of PHP in a Nutshell, Fedora Unleashed and Ubuntu Unleashed - I designed this based on real-world needs of sysadmins.

- Universal binary - works on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!